Upgrade your life: The 2023 Edition


As the earth finishes another cycle around the sun, it ushers in feelings of introspection and reflection for the year past, and hope and excitement for the coming 365 days. Even if the calendar year is made by humans and nothing really changes in terms of nature, the potent mix of emotions can give you real motivation to capitalise on. Whether your goal is to succeed in your career, in your creative corner or simply to become a better person, here are 6 tips and tricks you can really try, in order to achieve your objective for 2023.

Expect a Recession

Blame it on the pandemic, or the war, but a global recession is well and truly coming and a smart person would prepare for it. Be optimistic, by all means, but it is also important to be prudent about the choices one makes in their lives. First, batten down the hatches, and then ease into the austerity, knowing that there is a plan B to fall back on.

Dare to 10X

Entrepreneur Grant Cardone introduced this rule to the world. However controversial the person, his lesson packs a powerful point. The rule tells you that you must work 10 times harder and for 10 times longer to enjoy 10-100 times the success that you expect. It’s a hard ask but the lesson it teaches on perseverance and hard work is worth it, not to mention the trailing benefits.

Do Not Fear a Rejection

Working out of one’s comfort zone is not for everyone and doing it repeatedly, even less so. One of the biggest fears that one faces when stepping out of familiar territory is rejection. While rejection is a bitter pill to swallow for the strongest of us, there is little else that strengthens your core the way rejection does. Adding more “noes” to your life can give wings to your growth trajectory.

Embrace Minimalism

Live on much less than what you earn. The concept of minimalism gained popularity a few years ago but has seen a decline post pandemic, as the world gets high on newfound freedom. Living a simple life has many perks. Other than savings, it can also result in more happiness and peace of mind. In the face of the upcoming recession, it is worth a try.

More People Time

It’s absurd how humans, who are designed to be social animals, now cringe at the mere mention of human interaction. This year, it is time to break out of the hermitage and spend more time with people — well, at the very least, people who matter. This would include family and close friends, all of whom may have felt your absence in the past few years. Staying busy is good, but staying busy with the right people is better.

Avoid Short-Term Thinking and Unnecessary Rift

Ever seen people who risk their reputation for short-term rewards? Seeking instant gratification every time can cost you your success in future. Steer clear of people who do this, lest their habit rubs off on you. Similarly, stay far away from those that seek needless drama. Stopping to throw mud at every stranger who does not agree with you will only cost you your precious time and energy.


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